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    • copy of receipt from western union or
    • receipt of the payment of the air ticket

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25.01.2017 | Thomas | Real photos
   " Good system with photos, I really like it, Im sure that I get real photos by mail, I meet mabe 3 girls and all photo are real NO FAKE. On the site they have ilustrative, but they inform about on the site. For me good. "

25.01.2017 | Thomas | Real photos
    "I know this site for very long time, photos absolutely real, I meet maybe 50 girls are the same like on the photos... good job"

01.03.2017 | Peter | No problem with deposit
    "thanks , you send me back my deposit....!! Can you recomend me another young girl?"


 28.10.2017 | Vladko | lady Artemis
     " When I saw her photos first time, I wasn't sure if she was the right person for me and If I want to see her, spend time wuth her. But I decided to call her, she was very nice and friendly, her english is fluent. For my luck when she comes she was perfekt for me. She is special, very interesting, another than others. We had wonderful time together. I can recomend. "

10.11.2017 | Fridrich | lady Vanessa
    " This time was, very nice, full of good mood and positive energy. She is good looking and natural beauty. Body absolutely perfekt. She send me real photos in mail and she looks absolutely the same. I hope that I will see her again. Godd luck. "

04.12.2017 | Carl | lady Vanessa
    " Im her regulary client and I have special price for her services. When I meet her first time I was very happy. Vanessa was prety, open minded, natural, I love her smile. "

21.12.2017 | Klaus | lady Luciana
    " Luciana is young beautiful girl. I didnt have bad attitude, she has beautiful smiles, gives all in all a decent experience. My Wish i could see her more often! "

Young beautiful girl, seems kind of shy. Didnt have bad attitude, smiles, gives all in all a decent experience. Wish i could see her more often!

07.01.2018 | Andreas | lady Luciana 
   " She is very beautiful with the most amazing eyes,I would be so lucky to get to spend more time with Luciana. She speaks good english and cominication was easy. I enjoyed my time with hery at all. " 

15.01.2017 | Silvester | lady Megy
    " Megy was nice enough to come to my home. She arrived dressed very nicely in elegant dresses. She arrived on time and immediately made herself at homThis girls pictures are actually her she is not fake very nice and understanding and very tight and clear. She was as advertised, very beautiful. I open the bottle of wine that I had in the room. After some brief conversation, which was very nice, we where in th city. "

13.2.2018 | Karl | lady Megy
    " Tank you for your advice with Megy. She is really a great woman and I enjoyed my time with her. "

14.02.2017 | Patrick | lady Sydney
    " I met Sydney for 2 days,  She looks like on her photos. REALLY. Her body is very nice, good English, can make lovely conversation.Sydney is for me top girl, very nice and friendly, smiling, positive. She is really gorgeous and with an amazing blue eyes which makes you fall in love instantly, the only thing that could be better (in my personal opinion) she is student and she is busy, I would like to see her more often. These girls send me natural selfie photos in mail, it is very good, they look absolutely the same, natural so you know what you get, any surprise. In another czech  agency it was fake,  I had very bad experience. Grandious photos, but diferent look. I like the way it works here, Im returning client.   I'll see her again in March. I alreadyhave a booking. "

22.08.2018 | Mark | lady Nataly

    " Everything was fine with Nataly :-) my best meeting at atb selection :-)  "
26.02.2018 | Rene | lady Linda 
    " thank you very much it was a very Great Meeting with Linda. Im sure  we will have  more Meetings in the future."